All media here is provided to assist in promoting venues in your area.  This is not the only way to promote the show just our previous attempts.  You know what works best in your area but a few things we have definitely learned are:

Promote the "scope" of the act more than the name of the band.  In other words advertising a "White Zombie Tribute Band" is far more effective than saying "AstroCreep2000" is coming. << IMPORTANT >>

Use the visual tools provided below as much as possible (people love pictures)

If you have an outside Marquee or sign use it as soon as possible remember first item (promote "White Zombie Tribute")

Use radio when ever possible for 2 weeks prior (a little radio goes along way, samples below tell it all)

Use of flyers varies from one venue to another, use what works well in your area and try to flyer each weekend at your venue for no less than 4 weeks before your event.

Don't under sell this show, this is a high quality depiction of the Zombie show with staging and and the incredible sound of a National touring act.  All Performers in this show are veteran players from the music industry and have tremendous stage presence and experience.